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We offer services with headache free options, flexibility in technology, and no hidden costs.

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Custom Technology Solutions

Xperitas’ Application Services practice brings business and technology expertise together to help clients drive enterprise IT performance, accelerate innovation that enhances the customer experience and increase operational efficiencies. Xperitas offers this through business consulting, application management, functional outsource & data management support.

Business Consulting

Xperitas combines strong analytical skill sets and deep industry experience to enable organizations to streamline their business processes, to provide guidance through large organization change initiatives and to offer and instill proven best practices for our clients. Services Offerings include:

  • Business Process optimization
  • Service Management consulting (ITIL framework)
  • Strategic Business Consulting
  • Business Analysis & IT Road-mapping

Application Management & Functional Outsource

Xperitas’ Application Services team develops and deploys business critical applications using best fit technology platforms. Our team has extensive experience enabling companies to migrate large legacy applications into web-enabled environments with Application Modernization. Services Offerings include:

  • Application Management
  • Technical Architecture Definition
  • Custom Designed and Developed Systems
  • Legacy Application Modernization/ Application Enhancements
  • Application Re-engineering and Performance Tuning
  • Enterprise Service Desk
  • Proactive & Reactive Monitoring
  • Full Outsourcing of Enterprise Application Development & Support

Data Management & Support

Xperitas’ Data Management support capabilities help companies reduce IT spend by 25%. Our team provides virtual support, health check monitoring, system administration and full DBA services for mission critical databases & BAU databases. Our flexible service model allows for tailored solutions that fit customers’ specific needs and budgets. Services Offerings include:

  • Outsourced DBA
  • Data Mapping & Integration
  • Dashboards & Custom Reporting

Application Services, Client Results

  • Increased support efficiencies by reducing operational costs
  • Increased end customer satisfaction through faster resolution of application fix/enhancements & reducing backlog
  • Saved companies millions of dollars in potential loss by identifying issues proactively before being reported as an issue
  • Reduced development times with hybrid team approach

The Xperitas Difference

  • Ability to align technology with business drivers
  • Technology agnostic approach with breadth of capabilities
  • Expert senior level resources onshore or offshore
  • Flexible business and delivery model
  • Complete ownership with senior management involvement
  • Strong industry partnerships
  • Focus on long-term client relationships
  • Build client's extended team promoting their culture
  • Complete transparency when off-shoring
  • Become clients' "Trusted Advisor"
  • Local senior resources for any urgent show-stopper issues

No Hidden Costs

Surprisingly, in a straight price comparison of on-premise versus managed services, the total cost of ownership (TCO) is about equal. But the deck is stacked in favor of the managed services when you consider the P&L benefits of turning a capital expenditure (a large initial expense depreciated over time) into an operational expenditure (a flat monthly fee). Xperitas’ managed services are priced as a subscription, with an initial provisioning fee followed by a set monthly rate. You know exactly what services you’re getting for your money. No hidden costs, nothing to manage, and nothing to worry about. Just peace of mind – knowing that the technologies that you depend on to protect your business really are doing just that.

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