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We're problem solvers that love our work and have a desire for technology.

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At Xperitas, everything we do reflects a specialized approach that puts your requirements first. What allows us to deliver consistent results is the powerful combination of our people, our collaborative culture, and our proven delivery methods and tools.

The people of Xperitas

You’ll find that three traits distinguish our people:

  • A passion for technology. That passion is highlighted by our unparalleled expertise in technology and a talent pool that is trained and educated to offer the best in the business on a variety of platforms and applications.
  • Real-world expertise. Our consultants are well-versed in the needs of different industries. And our vast experience has given us a deep understanding of how technology impacts people and processes.
  • Pride in our helpfulness. We know the best consultants are also the best listeners. So we make certain we understand your vision and then work with you to help you achieve it.

Collaborative Culture

Collaboration is at the heart of the Xperitas culture. We get results by working closely with each other, with our partners, and with our customers. We also gain unique insight from our close relationships with Microsoft and Accenture. For example, we work with the latest Microsoft products before release, so we are ready to put our learning to use as soon as they hit the market.

We also rely on our worldwide network of experts to bring the best ideas, experience and expertise to our customers. We tap the collective insight honed from thousands of successful customer implementations around the world to address the toughest challenges.

Our collaborative approach also extends to how we work with customers. We ask the right business and technical questions, listen carefully to the answers, and create solutions in partnership with our customers. We are here to help.

Delivery choices, proven processes, and tested tools

We are able to function as an integrated global team because our consultants share a common set of tools and training. This allows us to provide customers with a consistent experience.

Our standard delivery approach and proven processes and tools save time, reduce risk, and help keep expenses down. We’ve made signifcant investments in robust methodologies, delivery tools, and other assets that enable us to provide a consistent approach with a common “language” at every engagement. By making the most of existing assets and best practices, we help extend your budget and resources.

Our flexible deployment options — on-premise, cloud-based, or outsourced — help IT leaders meet today’s goals and prepare for tomorrow’s opportunities.

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